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Welcome to Moving Body, School of Movement, in East Molesey and Esher.

Moving body was created by myself, Jacqui Tyrer, in 2010. I have been a massage therapist in the sports industry for ten years and having dealt with numerous clients walking through the door with injuries from overzealous cardiovascular workouts, I was constantly recommending cross training with a gentler form of exercise, i.e. Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi.

Re-education is the key to flexibility and suppleness. Not just making a movement but understanding how to move correctly therefore increasing your core strength and improving your posture.

These three disciplines individually complement cardiovascular exercise with a view to releasing tension and stress in muscles. They also help to aid recovery and avoid further injury.

We keep classes at moving body small, with a maximum of ten per class, so you will receive constant attention making sure you are moving correctly whatever your level. Our instructors will guide you correctly and safely to master your chosen discipline, and therefore improving your understanding of how your own body works.

The Old Fire Station
92 Walton Road
East Molesey
0775 1070222